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Chase -"Chase is on the case!"

Marshall  - "I'm ready for a ruff ruff rescue!"

Skye - "Let's take to the sky!"

Rubble -  "Rubble on the double!"

 Zuma  - "Let's dive in!"

Rocky -  "Don't lose it, Reuse it!"

Swing into action with the Limited Edition Paw Patrol Harness


Paw Patrol and Julius K9 Have teamed up to bring you a limited Edition Paw Patrol Harness.

These Harness Feature your Favourite Characters from Paw Patrol , whether it is Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky or Zuma!


Available in Sizes XS  ( Mini Mini) to XL (Size 2)





This special themed Paw Patrol Harness is sure to get you and your family walking! 

The IDC Paw Patrol Powerharness is a made with the same high-quality material and care!


The IDC®Powerharness has the same classic features. It's chest strap is solid and secure keeping your Dog secure and safe in the Harness. There is a Sturdy Handle on the top so you can hold back or stop your dog when you need to with less effort or simple support  when getting in or out of the car

The special angle of the chest strap allows the IDC®Powerharness to rest on the areas of the chest. This completely freeing your dog’s neck for healthy, unrestricted breathing while ensuring free movement for the front legs.

And as always the One-click buckle is ideal so you can put on the Harness with any effort and designed to be fitted in a single move.