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New And Improved Multivest Design

The JK9® Multivest is a multiple use dog harness which has been designed for summer and winter use.

The Multivest is the newly updated 2022 version of our previously award-winning 3-in-1 Dog Vest – with a number of improvements.


4 Uses In 1 Vest

As the name suggests, the JK9® Multivest is suitable for several different purposes:

1. Simple Dog Jacket

The vest keeps your dog warm during the winter and cool in the summer. The padded lining helps insulate your dog in cold conditions.

2. Dog Swimming Lifejacket

It has removable foam flotation pads in the lining that allows your dog to safely swim and stay afloat in water.

3. Dog Cooling Vest

The special 3D mesh material foam floating pads can removed, wetted, and easily placed back into the vest to help keep your dog cool on hot days.

4. Rehabilitation Harness / Carry Jacket

The handle on the top/back and the additional rear straps allows for stable lifting at two points, helping keep the dog’s spine stays straight.

This makes lifting safer for both the dog and the owner and gives you more control when carrying your dog - helpful for with mobility issues, such as older dogs or dogs who have just had an operation.

Vest Improvements

  • Improved hind leg control thanks to sturdier rear handle strap
  • Improved fit with better buckle placement at neck and abdomen
  • Improved 3D mesh material in the flotation and cooling pads


Size Guide

Size Chest Circumference Dog Weight Vest Length
S 46-65 cm / 18-25.5 in 7-14 kg / 15-31lbs 36 cm / 14 in
M 53-75 cm / 21-29 in 13-24 kg / 29-53 lbs 44 cm / 17 in
L 70-85 cm / 27.5-33.5 in 24-38 kg / 53-84 lbs 52 cm / 20.5 in
XL 77-99 cm / 30-39 in 38-56 kg / 84-124 lbs 55 cm / 21.5 in


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