How to Help Your Pet Overcome the Back-to-School Blues
The kids go back to school and college, the adults work more and vacation less and the carefree summer days are over, so your dog could struggle spending a lot more time at home alone. Here are some tips that can help your pet get over the back-to-school blues.
Symptoms to watch out for
  • Develops different eating habits
  • Barks more than usual
  • Sleeps all day
  • Lacks energy
  • Hides
  • Doesn’t want to play or engage
  1. Morning habits
Giving your dog attention in the morning before you leave shows how much you love them and can strengthen the bond between both of you. You can walk your dog every morning, play and interact with your dog before leaving, or give them pats on the head.
  1. Play music
Recent studies have shown that playing music reduces stress in dogs. There are specific genres that are known to be relaxing for instance reggae and soft rock. Before you leave you can find playlists or put one together yourself and before you leave the house turn it on for your pooch so they can enjoy the sound of music for a bit.  
  1. Give them a special treat
Before you leave to go to work or your kids go to school give your dog a treat or a special chew toy that they can occupy themselves with.
  1. Get another dog or pet
This may not be an option for everyone due to many reasons, which is understandable but for those who can, consider getting another pet or dog. This means that having two dogs comes with more work and responsibility. Although, they can keep each other company and have lots of fun, they can be mischief's together.
  1. Hire a pet sitter or dog walker
Get a dog walker or a pet sitter to help break up the stress and monotony of hours spent alone. You can ask them to check up your bud for a little bit, take them on a walk or play fetch with them. Some pets just need a little extra help during the transition.
  • Sep 21, 2020
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