Getting the right fit for your dog is simple.  With the below 3 easy steps you will quickly be on your way to discovering the joy of using a Julius K9 Harness.




Step 1 - Know Your Girth (Chest Measurement)  - If you know the Girth of your Dog - Simply check the Size Chart below to match your Dog's Girth with the correct Harness Size.

95% of the time the Girth of your Dog will be the clearest sign of which size Harness to Purchase



Step 2 - Know Your Weight - Our Second step is provided to safe guard and ensure that you are getting the right harness size for the Weight of your Dog.



Step 3 - Choose your Colour - Our Harnesses come in over 12 colours - giving you the ultimate choice to match your Dog's Character




Once you have determined your size and colour Click on the Below to access our Wide range of Harnesses.