IDC Harness Seat belts

Take time to ensure that your Pet is secured and safe for journeys with this practical in car attachment for harnesses and collars

Simple and straight forward to use - just connect the Seat Belt leash to the harness or collar and the other end is connected to the in car seat belt buckle.

The Julius K9 Seat Belt is designed to keep your Dog and Cat away from the driver and provides protection from sudden stops.

The Seat Belt are universal and work with all types of cars.

The Seat Belts are available in 2 sizes

Size Small for Under 25KG pets

Size large for Over 25 KG pets

Julius K9 Seat belt adapter for IDC® Powerharness Weight of 10KG - 25kg  Ideal for Larger Dogs Available...
About this item A useful accessory, which helps to keep the dog away from the driver, and also...
This product is designed specifically for use with the JULIUS-K9® Powerharness. The StopDog Mobility Control Car Tether Leash...
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