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Tugs For Bite Training & Tug Games

Available materials: Leather, Cotton/Nylon, and Jute

Colours: May vary on delivery


Made from highly durable materials, our range of official Julius-K9® tugs are suitable for both bite training and playing. Tug games also help improve your dog’s jaw strength.

Leather Tugs:leather products are always popular with pet owners and professional handlers as they are sturdy, suitable for use in wet weather, and dog’s love the natural smell and texture.

Cotton/Nylon Tugs:a heavy duty combination of materials, cotton and nylon blend tugs have a slippery surface which encourages your dog to bite harder. These tug’s durability comes from its bite proof, tough, inner material used by mattress manufactures.

Jute Tugs:  ideal for more developed bite work training, our heavy duty jute tugs are reinforced with nylon.


High Quality Dog Toys & Training Equipment

Here at Julius-K9® we take pride in our products. All of our dog toys and training equipment is thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and durability. This is why we are trusted by pet owners and professional dog trainers across Europe.

*NOTE* tugs are designed for bite training on the roll part of the tug and not the handles, they should not be left unattended with the dog