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Premium Jogging Leash

Available in

1.3 M / 4 Ft

2.0 M / 6 ft

The robust, and, at the same time, comfortable Premium Jogging Leash is available in neon and red colour. It can be used effectively anywhere, be it for outdoor training, hiking or walking in the forest.

The stretching rubberised leash, thanks to its heavy duty material, is resistant to environmental effects and dampens sudden pulls and other physical loads. The 1.3 Meter / 4Ft  version is recommended for running or walking in the forest, while the 2.0 meter / 6 Ft version, for cycling, cross-country skiing and hiking.


The stretching rubberised Premium Jogging Leash is capable of stretching by 42 cm (the 130 cm version), so it should be used with great caution to avoid possible accidents (running out onto a road, arriving in a dangerous area... etc.)

JULIUS-K9® Premium Jogging Leash - 1,3 m

  • total length with carabiner - 130 cm
  • total length in stretched state – 172 cm
  • strap width – 25 mm


    JULIUS-K9® Premium Jogging Leash - 2 m

  • total length with carabiner - 200 cm
  • total length in stretched state – cca. 270-310 cm
  • strap width – 25 mm