IDC Multifunctional Dog Vest and Life Jacket
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  • $89.00

IDC Multifunctional Dog Vest and Life Jacket

Colour: Black / Neon Green 

Boat and water safety can't be overlooked when you have a dog. This secure and comfortable Julius-k9 Life Jacket is exactly what you need to ensure your dog's safety in the water or on the boat.

Based on the hugely popular IDC Powerharness design, this harness has been developed to fulfill a number of tasks.

The adjustable yet tough fixing strap also doubles as sturdy lift and support feature for dogs with mobility problems. In addition, the durable rubber material helps protect your dog from the wind, rain and cold. - It can be used for all seasons.

The vest also functions as a effective and safe life jacket,  thanks to the removable foam pads stored in the sides of the harness, allowing owners to adjust buoyancy for swimming. dog harnesses are highly durable and are trusted by pet owners and professional trainers alike.

Product Features:

  • Removable foam floating aid pads
  • Lift and Support feature
  • Adjustable straps for a firm, comfortable fit
  • Durable rubber (neoprene) weather protecting material


    Size Guide:


  • Size Small (S): Chest measurement: 44 - 64 cm / 17.5 - 25 inches
  • Size Medium (M): Chest measurement: 55 - 72 cm / 21.5 - 28.5 inches
  • Size Large (L): Chest measurement: 65 - 82 cm / 25.5 - 32.5 inches
  • Size X Large (XL): Chest measurement: 75 - 92 cm / 29.5 - 36 inches


    Additional Features:


  • Extra Swimming Aid Add-On